baszicare traces its heritage to civilization’s first use of nature’s discrete sophistication. For more than a decade Tony, baszicare‘s founder, planted the seeds for a breakthrough skin care concept that would utilize Chinese herbs and Western formulation technology in a novel way with tremendous benefits.

Tony, a skincare formulator provoked by the thought of nature’s simplicity and complexity, possesses a life-long interest in the Far East. Tony worked with Chapman, a Chinese scholar whose family has deep roots in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), to trace the historical records TCM played in rejuvenating and strengthening the skin. This novel approach to common skin issues culminated in a proprietary blend of historical ingredients based on the philosophy of bringing balance to the skin through the concept of Yin and Yang. Under Tony’s watchful eye this special TCM blend was prepared and brought into his research and development laboratory. The result was a unique fermentation process that was used in baszicare’s first formulation in 2007.