In practice of prescribing Traditional Chinese Medicine for royal families, classical scholars used exact proportions according to the ailments. baszicare breathes new life into this historical art by combining advanced technology to extract the active ingredients of Chinese herbs and state-of-the-art product formulation.
 Relying on the historical records and the support of modern tests of ingredient efficacy including their individual effects on skin as well as their interact with other ingredients, the result is a range of modern skincare products containing active ingredients of Chinese herbs, higher concentrations of actives, fewer impurities, and a product that more readily penetrates the skin (bioavailability). Users of baszicare will note a moderately progressive improvement in skin quality.
 baszicare’s products contain a potpourri of roots, minerals and nature-made concoctions. The historical Chinese records helped inform our proprietary blend of Reishi, Ginseng, Royal Jelly, Dongquai and Aloe. The synergistic blend of these plants and herbs is called Botanical Algorithmic System (BAS), a ratio of carefully measured botanicals that follow a set of rules to help solve some of the most difficult skincare issues.  All of it embodies the essential elements that bestow a firmer, more luminous complexion that leaves skin simply rejuvenated. baszicare brings out a new luminosity from the inside and restores balance to the skin.