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eye contour cream


a near perfect eye contour cream for the eyes that sustains and reinvigorates the delicate eye area. Astra helps enhance skin cell renewal to minimize imperfections around the eye area and also increases the longevity of cosmetic makeup during the day. Astra helps sustain and…

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– Arundinaria gigantea ferment filtrate is especially included in Astra for its all-around anti-aging function and versatile ability to protect the skin. Arundinaria gigantea ferment filtrate contains isoflavones which is superb at helping combat free radicals and other environmental stressors, in addition to aiding in repairing existing damage by stimulating cell proliferation. As if all of that wasn’t enough arundinaria gigantea ferment filtrate monitors and adjusts moisture levels of the skin, making arundinaria gigantea ferment filtrate a perfect ingredient for Astra.

– Chamomile extract has a track record of skin soothing abilities. Chamomile extract contains at least 30 compounds that are proactively anti-inflammatory, are vital to induce collagen synthesis.

– Enteromorpha compressa extract and caesalpinia spinosa gum work hand in hand to minimize wrinkle formation and, more crucially, aid the skin in maintaining healthy levels of elasticity and firmness.

20 ml / 0.68 fl oz

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